The ceremony of Saint Sava in the School Veljko Ramadanovic in Zemun

27 January 2015

The president of the Center "House of Light" Prof. Dr. Zorica Savković, together with the Deputy Executive Director of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Mrs. Dragica Radosavljevic and Secretary of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Mrs. Jelena Kosorić, on Day Saint Sava donated gifts to blind and visual impaired children at School Veljko Ramadanovic in Zemun.

The ceremony began in the school, firstly children's choir was performing hymn of St. Sava, after the hymn was followed the rich cultural program dedicated to the first Serbian educator and teacher.

After the performance the representative of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce congratulated the director “Slava" and conveyed greetings from Mr. Milivoje Miletic president of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce.

In her welcome speech Dr. Savković wished a happy St. Sava to the director, employees and all pupils, and wished them to be healthy, advised them to learn and grow into an excellent schoolchildren. At the end of the ceremony the pupils were awarded a gifts.