Wives of the Diplomatic Corps of the Islamic Republic of Iran visited Center„House of light“

10 december 2014

Center "House of Light" on December 10. 2014. visited wives of the Diplomatic Corps of the Islamic Republic of Iran, ahead of the wife of His Excellency Mr. Majid Fahim Pour. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a possible cooperation between Iran and Serbia and donating funds for New Year's gifts for blind children of Belgrade and Novi Sad.

The president of the Center "House of Light" prof. Dr. Zorica Savković at the beginning thanked her guests for taking the time to visit us. She presented the Centre as a non-profit organization dedicated born blind babies and children. She stressed that we organize charity events in order to improve the quality of life of blind people in Serbia and their inclusion in the social community.

Dr Savković is committed to achieve her idea that was born 15 years ago, to build an institution in which will take care of blind children before they to start the school.

After an exhaustive explanation of the Project the doctor said that we have a New Year's action - collect gifts for kids that will divide them in the Theater for children after the show. One of the representative of diplomats was interested whether the show for the blind vary from performances for children who can see.

Diplomat’s women showed a gesture of humanity and gave a sum of money to assist in the implementation of the activities on the occasion of gifts for the New Year. Dr. Savković awarded to Ambassador's Wife.

The meeting also discussed about making of Serbian-Iranian Society for Blind Children. We told them that we are in the process of opening departments “House of light” in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our guests have offered their assistance, so we hope that we will continue to cooperate. Sometimes is enough and moral support.

We finished them visit sightseeing of our Center. Guests were satisfied that everything is warm, clean, and beautiful. The doctor explained that space the mainly is administrative and partly advisory, having in mind that the activities of the Centre "House of Light" taking place in the field.