Instructions for comunication with blind persons

25nd december 2013

Center "House of light" in the association with JKP "Infostan" from Belgrade, the JKP "Informatika" from Novi Sad and donations printed flayerswith instructions in order to helpcomunication with blind persons for the citizens of Belgrade and Novi Sad. Educational material is placed on accessible places in JKP „Infostan” in Belgrade and JKP“Informatika” in Novi Sad and many other public places.

The main purpose for printing these guidelines is to educate citizenson how to communicate with blind people and to draw their attention to the fact that blind persons are on the street, in a store, on the bus and beside us in our daily lives. Flyer is meant to be educational and helpful by providing information on how to engage conversation with blind person, how to approach them andhow to ask if they need any help...

"House of Light" puts special emphasis on advisory work, our mission is to help break down prejudice and raise awareness regarding integration of this sensitive part of population into society.

In the year of 2013 this was final action. On the beginning of the next year we will strive towards collaboration with post offices, banks, health centers and other public institutionsand sharing flyers in order to get as many people involved and willing to demonstrate social responsibility - helpful in encounter with a blind person.