Humanitarian action award New Year's gifts

22nd december 2013

Center "House of Light" in collaboration with the assembly of Novi Sad has organized a ceremony on the occasion of the New Year gifts for children with special needs - visually impaired and blind children of elementary school "Milan Petrović" in Novi Sad.

Awarding New Year's gifts was held December 22nd at 1 p.m. in the children's theater "Pozoriste Mladih" in Novi Sad.

Ceremonial event began to play "Zacarana Pahuljica", besides children at play were present and their parents.

Humanitarian action award gifts center "House of Light" was supported by the JPK “Informatika” Novi Sad thanks to their donation and funds raiser ares prepared New Year's gifts for children.

Director of the Centre "House of Light" prof. dr. Zorica Savković thanked the donors who have shown sympathy to the blind children and made them happy. These children look forward to New Year's gifts that are a symbol of love and support. Preparation of the New Year presents a great pleasure for all who prepare them. Children were happy when they receive these gifts that surely brighten the day and the holidays because the attention and the feeling that someone thinks of them and they are rejoiced. The gift of giving is something special, because people can only donate wholeheartedly.

Director of the "House of Light" wanted kids to have health, happiness and smiles in New Year.

This campaign is one of many that the "House of light" conducted in cooperation with the JPK “Informatika” from Novi Sad, and we hope to continue to cooperate successfully in the future.

The Director pointed out that the New Year's gifts were also distributed to the children in addition to children with special needs - to visually impaired and blind children from elementary school Veljko Ramadanović from Zemun.