Celebration Of The “White Cane Day”

15th october 2013

Center "House of Light" in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce organized a ceremony to celebrate "White Cane Day" 15 October 2013.

The program was attended by 12 blind and visually impaired children - the choir from School "Veljko Ramadanovic" from Zemun and Branko Milicevic Kockica. On that occasion, gifts were given to children, and to all the people who have helped to sustain the event.

With the gifts were given certificates and souvenirs which are handiwork by blind children. This event is the first in a series that we celebrate on this solemn way, but thanks to people of good will, certainly won’t be the last.

Every year in Serbia is born approximately fifty blind children. Many of us did not know. These children are silently growing next to us, supported by their families, but practically alone.

These little beings want to be a part of this modern world.
They want to feel the hand of friendship of other children who have something that blind children will never be able to have.
They have vision.

For a moment close your eyes and think of your lifetime as it flows like that. Our mission is to make these children’s life more comfortable, more beautiful. To enter some values and objectives that has so far been elusive. To give them a moment of attention and love so we can make this world, our Serbia a place where there will always be a place for these small, silent people who are all around us, but we do not see them though we are not blind.

Today, 15 October will help to focus our attention on the fact that Belgrade still does not have kindergartens, preschools or organized support for blind children. They are from birth to adolescence left to themselves and their families and the rare institutions intended for the blind.
It doesn't have to be like that.

We are here to help them and to contribute, so these children can be one step closer to their goal.
A goal is not so big, nor unattainable.
The goal is to educate these children and to prepare, so they can live independently and to earn.
Their goal is to be full members of society, not a social category. They do not need charity.
They need a chance to get into a life where there will be light and hope.
Let's give them that hope.